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The world is little bit amazing when people find their own inner abilities and recognize them properly for an effective purpose. Also it is not common to hear about getting together of several guys of same ability for an effective purpose. We are not wondering about this 'same ability' but, meeting of our minds for mentioned effective purpose.

We found this wonderful name 'Ceylon Web Designs' long after we thought to have a web designing company for our merits. It came to our minds together hence we were inhabinants of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and needed to remain our indigenous status worldwide. Also it was included 'Web Desings' (though we are facilitating for hosting, eMarketing etc.) becouse we are keen on the idea that the desinging part is rather than important in a web site though the developing makes much sense for it.

The slogan 'Creative Creations Created Creatively' is our desinging base while the catchphrase 'Artistry Remained Technology' is the developing substance we uses in our creations. It would not be further explained while most of web desings you see will worth on in a single side, designing or developing (programing).

The Vision and
the Mission


We would repeat it again and again. "Artistry is our base. Technology is our substance". Artistry is not just a design you see but, creatively created creations at an effective way. No creative design is effective if it cannot be reached at a minimun technical infrastructure. That's why every web designer would be graphic desinger himself, but every graphic designers may not be a proper web desinger.

The target is not a printing or larger hoding to show at the top of a building but, to reach millions of people in our planet. Hence the substance of our designs is the real technology which makes the desires fulfill. The desire can be further claritied as 'minimum weight-maximum quality'.


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